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Svetlana N
Anti aging face massage This is my second session with Louise and another heavenly hour spent. The face massage is very relaxing and removes all the tension from face and scalp. I was complimented by a neighbour two hours after the session, she said I looked younger every time she sees me.
Susan T
Facial & Indian head massage I was treated to a voucher by a friend and had a lovely 11/2 hours being put into a state of total relaxation , the face massage also helped to clear my sinuses and airways , would highly recommend
Lisa M
A great way to relax at the end of the week All the tension from a week at work melts away whilst listening to 80s music, fab!
Feeling great I have been having monthly treatments for a couple of years now ... the treatments have supported me through anxious times and the menopause ... what more can I say! The no hands massages/facial reflexology really have helped and supported me . Louise you are amazing x
Kate B
Excellent I have enjoyed several massages over the last couple of years. After a while of not having and massages, I returned for a hot stone yesterday. Aches and pains where my main motivation but my head was full of clutter. I’m pleased to say that yet again, I feel so much better today. Aches and pains are a bit easier and the mind feels less cluttered. I feel definitely less pent up and anxious about all the changes that are currently going on in my life. I highly recommend you visit.. there is definitely something for everyone to help restore balance 😊
R Simpson
Indian head massage The best, most relaxing massage I've ever had. Definitely recommend it.
Emma Ross
5star healing massage I have been a client of Louise for over 3yrs and i see massage as an important part of my health care /self care .I live with a degenerative condition and having a regular massage each month is an essential to my nurturing and healing ,not only my physical health but my emotional and mental wellbeing.Louise connects with her clients On on a spiritual level which I personally believe is an important part of the healing process and a 5star massage.I would highly recommend Louise and her team if your thinking of taking responsibility of your health and a special self self care plan..
Svetlana N
Amazing face massage I am a big fan of facials and face massage in general and go and try different places in the UK and abroad. Louise's face massage was a different experience altogether, the technique she used was new to me and thoroughly enjoyable. My skin was dewy afterwards and looked fresher the following day. I am definitely coming back for more.
Victoria M
Amazing Pav took the time to have a proper talk to me prior to treatment to establish what areas to work on. You could see she was genuinely interested and not just doing it as protocol. Throughout my treatment she made sure I was comfortable and checked the pressure she was using was OK. I was a bit nervous and she fully explained everything she was doing and what area she would move onto next and why she was doing it that way. I felt very at ease and the treatment was fantastic. Would highly recommend Pav. Thank you.
Vivienne G
An alternative cure... So I went to see Louisa as I was suffering horrendous migraines from about month 4 of my pregnancy. Louisa suggested Head Reflexology. Wow. This is amazing. I continue to have this treatment now even though my migraines are gone. After medication from my GP having no success it was after my first few sessions with Louisa (you need about 4 before you will see benefit as lots of healing needed) that my migraines reduced and then became less frequent and I was able to spread out the frequency of my sessions. They are immensely relaxing and I as the worlds most highly strung person (or there about) found myself drifting and almost a sense of floating at times during a treatment. I could and continue to feel the difference in areas of my head and face from initial treatments which shows the physical changes that have taken place as a result. Long winded but amazing treatment and Louisa is not only amazing at what she does but so welcoming and caring, always taking the time to have a chat with you. Thank you Louisa.
Vivienne G
An alternative cure... So I went to see Louisa as I was suffering horrendous migraines from about month 4 of my pregnancy. Louisa suggested Head Reflexology. Wow. This is amazing. I continue to have this treatment now even though my migraines are gone. After medication from my GP having no success it was after my first few sessions with Louisa (you need about 4 before you will see benefit as lots of healing needed) that my migraines reduced and then became less frequent and I was able to spread out the frequency of my sessions. They are immensely relaxing and I as the worlds most highly strung person (or there about) found myself drifting and almost a sense of floating at times during a treatment. I could and continue to feel the difference in areas of my head and face from initial treatments which shows the physical changes that have taken place as a result. Long winded but amazing treatment and Louisa is not only amazing at what she does but so welcoming and caring, always taking the time to have a chat with you. Thank you Louisa.
Vicki W
Baby massage Absolutely fabulous
Aimee Leighton
Back, neck and shoulder 60 minute massage. A very professional massage, one that I very much needed, more than I realised thanks to Pavlina's expertise and knowledge. It was such a joy to finally have a massage from someone who knows how to actually massage ;o) Many thanks and will be back x
Sarah M
Beautiful I've ached for ages, but feel fabulous after a deep tissue massage! Thanks Pav xxx
Maria C
Best Therapeutic Massage I’ve had! Review of Pavlina I had been in very much pain due to a ongoing herniated disc problem and unable to sleep, probably due to the chronic muscle tension around the area. After Pavlinas massage I slept properly for the first time in a month, due to not being in pain. I’ve had various types massages all over the world, and this without question brought me the most pain relief. The range of movement in my neck has improved considerably. Thankyou Pavlina!
MIchelle S
Brilliant! I have had the no hands massage with Louise which is really nice and relaxing, much more relaxing that a normal massage. Recently I have been having issues with my knees and shoulders due to heavy gym work so I asked to be booked in with Pav as I know she is more sports based. I have found Pav really knowledgable about the body and she has pointed out the issues I have and how to fix them. This has benefitted me massively and I always leave with my pain eased and feeling positive that my my issues are being ironed out. I cannot recommend Pav enough for a sports massage as both myself and my partner feel she is one of the best around and we are so glad we have found this place!
Chilled and zoned out Always a pleasure and a great benefit to visit Louise for a No Hands massage.Always professional and pleasant in manner.I relax totally and feel rejuvenated afterward.I would thoroughly recommend a visit .
Sven B
Deep tissue Great massage. I felt very relaxed and they managed to get many of my big knots out. Would go again!
Laura C
Fantastic Couldn’t recommend Louisa enough!! Massage was very relaxing and I will definitely be back again soon. Going to make it a regular thing. Louisa was lovely and friendly!! The venue is spotless and relaxing.
Kelly C
Finally pain free I can’t believe after 2 years of being in constant pain, 8 months of physio and endless pain killers, in just a few short months pav has worked her magic. I’m no longer at physio , I no longer take pain killers and I now sleep a full night in comfort. I can not recommend pav enough, my shoulders and knees feel young again
Catherine H
Great service Great massage would definitely recommend Susie
Nicola S
Pregnancy massage Throughout my pregnancy I attended a session each month and it really benefited both my physical and mental wellbeing. Each session was catered to me and my needs. My last appointment before going into labor was a mix of massage and reflexology. Two days later my waters broke. The help and guidance from Diane was amazing and has made me realise looking after yourself shouldn’t just be for the benefit of pregnancy and your baby but you should take the time to put something positive back into yourself regardless.
Deep tissue Good massage by Pav- went away feeling refreshed. Lovely lady who made me feel at ease! Will definitely be going back again.
Sarah L
deep tissue back massage fantastic massage really helped with tension in neck and shoulders, would definitely recommend
Pregnancy Massage I enjoyed the most amazing pregnancy massage with Louisa. It was handled with delicacy and care as I was having some back pain and I left feeling totally relaxed and pampered. I can't wait to go back for another one before our little one decides to make an appearance!
Dawn E
deep tissue massage by palvina Great massage feel better today by having it done yesterday ..booked in again next week ..palvina is very friendly and made myself feel at ease from the beginning
Lindsay C
Energised Had my first experience of Reiki with Louise, truly a marvellous experience which is hard to articulate. Once Louise started I could feel where my energy was blocked the most and can honestly say that I felt the benefits. If I feel this good after one, I’m definitely making this part of my health regime. Louise is passionate and quite clearly a master of the treatments she offers.
Samantha A
Excellent Review of Pavlina Excellent full body massage by Pavlina, would recommend her to anyone who wants a relaxing but effective massage, definitely got my digestive system moving!
Janet T
Excellent Best massage I’ve ever had
Victoria M
Excellent I have been to Louise for the past few weeks and can't recommend her services highly enough. Her treatment room is so relaxing and smells amazing.
Jon R
Excellent Really enjoyed the massage. Felt great and Susie and Louise made me feel so welcome. Thanks guts
Debbie H
Excellent Diane was lovely, very professional & put me at ease throughout
Excellent deep tissue massage Excellent deep tissue massage from Pav as usual
Excellent service I was so happy with the service I received today and I felt relaxed whilst the treatment was as being carried out.
Fran W
Excellent hot bamboo massage Having had a range of different types of massage I wanted to try something new. I enjoyed the combination of warmth and pressure particularly on my neck and shoulders. My neck has much more movement which was a problem I had. Thanks Pav!
Excellent service I was so happy with the service I received today and I felt relaxed whilst the treatment was as being carried out.
Facial Reflexology I booked a facial reflexology for a change (usually had a no hands massage)- What can I say .. Wow. It was the most relaxing therapy I have ever had. I felt it to my toes. I left the room feeling relaxed and ready to face the world, will definitely have another one and would highly recommend if you want complete relaxation
Janet S
First Deep Tissue Massage Had my first deep tissue massage with Pavlina.Was made to fèel very welcome in lovely surroundings.Had a full hour with Pavlina who was very professional and caring in her treatment to help me to be pain free. Booked another session soon and looking forward to it.
Janet S
First Deep Tissue Massage Had my first deep tissue massage with Pavlina.Was made to fèel very welcome in lovely surroundings.Had a full hour with Pavlina who was very professional and caring in her treatment to help me to be pain free. Booked another session soon and looking forward to it.
Lindsay C
Healing I feel so privileged that I have met Louise who is extremely passionate and a master in her field, I've had another Reiki session and for me being on a kind of spiritual journey and practising being mindful and learning about healing my body, this is certainly a therapy that I would recommend. I feel the shift in energy around my body, whilst powerful it's incredibly self healing. I always leave feeling lighter, calmer and my mind, for a good hour or so after free of chatter. I look forward to my next session along with Reflexology.
Julie D
Help with chronic pain I have been seeing Pavlina for a monthly massage over about 8mths now and I can honestly say there has been a huge reduction in my overall pain. I was diagnosed with M.E following a virus 3 years ago and also suffer fibromyalgia type symptoms. Muscle pain and inflammation throughout the body which flares up after physical or mental exertion. At times it feels as tho the whole body is poisoned. When I first began coming for a massage it was only because my employer paid for it, I thought it would be a relaxing treat. I didn’t realise how much it would help ease my conditions. It is of course a relaxing treat too but over time it has eased my pain levels by about 80% I would say. On a daily basis I was about 8-9/10 for muscle pain and spasms. It’s prob now a 2-3! Pav works on whichever bits are troubling me and always takes into account how sore I am. She always asks. And never takes for granted how I am feeling. She works with me not just on me if that makes sense! She also recommended I take Epsom salt baths a few times a week which I do and that has also helped enormously. Not an immediate effect but again has definitely had a cumulative effect. Cannot recommend Pav highly enough. She’s very very knowledgeable.
Janet T
Janet My massage and diagnosis was excellent
Angela S
Massage Had a great massage with Jayne my first time at Louisa brown. Friendly welcome staff are attentive and massage was great! I floated out will be coming back again.
Patricia B
My new Healing habit! Enjoyed my first experience of Reiki with Louisa yesterday....Her calm and reassuring manner helped dispel any initial apprehension and over the course of the session, I felt more at peace with myself and that, following an intensely stressful recent period, that I am returning back, to me. I promptly booked a further 3 sessions as part of my own new healing habits for essential self - care.
Marty W
massage with actual benefits I travel the country and get massages from all types and kinds of places. Easily the best i have found so far.
Janet T
Masssge Thanks to Pavlina I have more movement in my neck and less tension in my shoulders than I have had for years. Fantastic massage
Margy M
New breath new life Totally a pleasure to visit Louise and have a treatment as I always feel like a new lease of life has been instilled into me.totally professional and always a pleasure
Amy H
Reflexology My reflexology sessions with Louise are always amazing! I have been going to her once a month for 6 months and it has been worth every penny! The stresses of a job and busy home life often left me with IBS type pains but since Iv started treatment with Louise the symptoms have more or less disappeared! I'd recommend reflexology with Louise to anyone!
Peter J
Reflexology Another wonderfully relaxing reflexology session with Diane. I did apologise for being so relaxed as to nod off for a short while but, as my host stated, it showed that the therapy works! Highly Recommended, and Thank You.
Julia B
Reflexology & reiki Wonderful calming environment and a lovely and very beneficial treatment. I can’t wait for the next time
Margaret M
Roses of heaven Had relaxing rose oil facial which is absolutely gorgeous the rose oil smells divine and chilled facial massage plus head and shoulders fitted the bill nicely.Seriously chilled out and relaxed.One to have again I think.
Gwen B
Massage The back, neck and head massage was lovely and left me feeling very relaxed. I would recommend Louisa Brown Therapies.
Massage Head, back, neck and arms were massaged on a lovely heated massage bed. Was a lovely experience and very relaxing.
Lisa L
Outstanding Results I have received deep tissue treatment for a shoulder injury with outstanding results after just one session. Previously had treatment for 6 months at the hospital with very little progress. I can’t recommend Pavlina, my therapist highly enough. She is professional and very skilled at getting results. I can’t wait to try out more therapies.
Viv R
Treats the whole person I first met Louise in 2013 and had a variety of treatments but more recently since being diagnosed with CFS I have had a regular series of Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology treatments. She is a lovely lady with whom I share many fundamental beliefs around 'whole person' treatment. She has a genuine passion for what she does and I wouldn't consider any other therapist. I am a work in progress but this is the only treatment that I have seen any real results from.
wonderful! Been having no hands for a while now and as ever the standard is always the same, excellent. My massage is an essential part of my life. thanks Louise
Janine P
Deep tissue massage Review of Pavlina The best massage I have ever had. Pavlinas consultation was thorough and the massage has helped my pain already, I can't wait to see the long term benefits after a few treatments.
Daniel B
Deep Tissue Massage Review of Pavlina First time I have ever experienced a deep tissue massage and it certainly won't be the last. Pav was fantastic, very friendly and she found lots of knots / tension points in my body that I didn't even know I had. She did seem to enjoy putting me in some pain though, haha!! Her hands are not to be messed with, which is definitely a good thing when it comes to a massage like this.
Lewis H
Deep Tissue Massage After having one previously I wanted to have another deep tissue massage to resolve some muscle tightness! It was definitely what the doctor ordered and I shall definitely be returning again!
Lewis H
Deep Tissue Massage After having one previously I wanted to have another deep tissue massage to resolve some muscle tightness! It was definitely what the doctor ordered and I shall definitely be returning again!
Emma R
essential self care Ive been a client of Louise for over 2yrs I see my treatments as an essential part of my self care regieme if you visit Louisa brown holistic therapies I can guarantee you will back ,and if you are serious about looking after youself I recommend taking the time out for yourself in this little haven..a place to nurture and nurish your mind,body,and soul xx
Excellent massarge head to toe and advise Relaxing environment lovely oils and music. I lay on a nice comfy bed with a heated blanket I was catered too throughout only thing I would say is I felt once I left the treatment room I was out on the street before I knew it couldn't really book another appointment.
Joanne R
Excellent reiki treatment Had reiki done here and left feeling very refreshed. Lovely staff. Great for parking. Would definitely return.
Sarah M
Fabulous and relaxing I had a full body aromatherapy massage which was fabulous. I came away relaxed and free from aches and pains. Thank you
Peter J
Extremely relaxing, professional session. I found the session very beneficial and relaxing. Time will tell if my skin clears up, but as a stand~alone relaxation/well~being therapy session, i find it to be excellent. I'm looking forward to my next visit already.
Fran W
Excellent treatment I thoroughly enjoyed my back, neck and shoulder massage, Pav was very welcoming and explained the treatment. She checked that the pressure was suitable and my muscles felt much more relaxed. I will visit again and try the hot stones suggested for me. Thanks Pav and her magic hands
Deborah m
Fantastic Had a deep tissue massage this week with Pav which was great. Each week I'm feeling more supple. I've finally found someone who can find my problems and relieve the symptoms
Deborah m
Fantastic Great session with Pav this weekend when she got to exactly where all my problems are. I felt much better afterwards, looking forward to more sessions
Alison Q
Feeling Great I began going to Louisa Brown Holistic Therapies a while ago due to the normal aches and pains of getting older. I have a no hands massage each month, but it isn't just a massage. It is the complete holistic approach to the treatment. The therapy has supported me through the dreaded menopause using the holistic approach. I genuinely look forward to my session each month and come away ready to deal with everyday life and the highs and lows it brings. Would highly recommend paying a visit and see for yourself as there are lots of therapies on offer however the no hands massage suits me.
Diane S
Great massage Had a massage with Pavlina at the weekend and can honestly say it was the best I’ve ever had. Pavlina was so knowledgable and explained as we went along. I would 100% recommend having a massage at Louise Browns. Lovely environment to enjoy some qt thank you x
Joanne R
Great reiki session My daughter had reiki here. Had a lovely experience. Great for parking.
Great Swedish Massage I recently had a Swedish Massage from Diane and it was great. Diane explained what the massage would include and asked for my preferences. The massage was very relaxing and I also feel like I got a lot from it. I have felt great the last few days! Diane also gave me aftercare advice such as drinking lots of water and spending the rest of the night relaxing. I would definitely have a Swedish Massage with Diane again.
Julie D
Heaven Another top class massage from Pav this month. I am able to talk to her each time about how my symptoms have been affecting me that month and she tailors the massage to suit. She is very knowledgeable about the human body and is able to recommend other things that help eg specific stretches, supplements etc. So I am getting longer term treatment as well as the little bit of heaven each time I’m on the bed ☺️
Diane M
Holistic Fascial I have been coming to see Louise for a while now. She is amazing at every treatment I have had and I always leave feeling refreshed and more positive.
Edward Cadman
I'm a believer I have been feeling unwell with IBS for some.This appointment was going to be a waste of time..that was my thinking. But i am so glad i gave it a try. I feel the best that i gave felt in months after i visit to Louise.Can't wait to go back.
Lynda W
Lifeline My massages and time with Louise is very precious , she listenes and treats me accordingly to the mood I am demonstrating that week. I come away uplifted.
Julie D
Long term benefits I saw Pav again yesterday for my monthly massage. When I first started my monthly treatment I would be stiff and sore by the end of the month and desperately in need of another massage but what I’m noticing over time is the longer term effects. My muscles are much more relaxed for longer. Pav has been really knowledgeable and helpful over stretches to do and recommending Epsom salt baths etc. This has not just been a massage a month but really a holistic treatment which has improved my symptoms of M.E enormously. My muscle spasms have almost disappeared and the muscle aches/pain are much less. Skin tone on my back has also improved! Thank you Pavlina - looking forward to seeing you again next month xx
Kayleigh M
Lovely A lovely massage, I felt so confident in Louisa and her knowledge and experience shone through. The heatedmasdage bed was a particularly nice touch! I look forward to returning!
Sammii W
Massage from Diane I had a fantastic deep tissue massage on my back, with a taster of the Indian head massage and facial also. Diane was really professional, and made me feel at ease. I felt absolutely amazing when I left, and will most definitely be attending again in the near future!
Ruth A
More than just a nice massage I liked Louise's approach to the session - asking what sort of experience I wanted and fitting what she went on to, do around what I'd requested. The massage itself felt both pleasant and powerful, as if it was making a small but positive physical improvement. Definitely something to have again.
Natural uplift facial I have had a few health problems and decided to treat myself to a treatment with Louise. Meeting Louise for the first time, she made me feel very welcome and relaxed and took time to discuss my treatment and needs. The overall treatment was amazing, I have had many facials before but this was so relaxing and it felt just fabulous!! Before I left I had already booked in again for the following week and since the treatment my skin feels and looks so much better.... thankyou !!
no hands massage I had a no hands massage on thursday; which i have been having for three years. As always it was great, very therapeutic and relaxing. Louise is always professional and provides a service of very high standard. My monthly massage is not just a cert but a necessity. thank you Louise.
Lynn C
No Hands Massage Had a lovely No Hands Massage with Louise 27/10 floated out of the treatment room feeling fabulous.
Lisa W
Pavlina Pavlina is very good at putting you at ease and really took the time to explain what she was doing and answered all my questions. I would recommend her treatments and am very grateful to her for helping me.
Professional, reassuring and relaxing Review of Diane Prior to my appointment with Diane I had never had a relaxation & destress massage. I was slightly nervous and apprehensive before the session, but it didn't last long. Diane is professional, reassuring and knowledgeable – she provided me with the necessary information before the session about what she does and what will happen during the session and gave me advice after the session re: how to make the best use of the massage. Although it was a full body massage, she also targeted specific areas that she found to be particularly affected by tension or stress. I was very impressed with how quickly she made me feel at ease, so much so I have booked a course of four appointments with her to begin in the New Year. I highly recommend Louisa Brown Holistic Therapies, and in particular Diane for a truly relaxing and stress-free environment. No less than five stars. Thanks, Diane!
Jacqui A
REFLEXOLOGY Excellent Reflexology session, totally relaxing.
Jacqui A
REFLEXOLOGY very relaxed session, thoroughly enjoyed it. Thankyou. xx
Mandy P
Reflexology I really look forward to my Wednesday afternoon appointments with Kate. She puts me at ease and makes me so relaxed that I often fall asleep. The heated bed and the smells in the room all add to the atmosphere and I float out of the therapy room feeling so light. Would highly recommend.
Jacqui A
REFLEXOLOGY nice and relaxing, very enjoyable. looking forward to my next one. thankyou.
Release Totally professional in ever way.Pleasant and informative chat and understanding followed by chilled relaxing massage.superb.
Neil R
Service and treatment I have had 3 sessions with pav and can honestly say She has helped me greatly, she has a very good manner and knows what she is doing, I was in agony with my lower back and neck and after my sessions with her am not in any pain at all, I can’t recommend her highly enough, many thanks again pav
Kirsty H
Signature treatment Absolutely loved this. I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed. I will definitely return. Thank you!
Lynn C
Swedish Massage Had a lovely relaxing swedish massage by Dianne really enjoyed it & would recommend Dianne.
Sarah M
Thank you Charlie felt better than she has in ages. Thank you Pav xx
Lisa Lloyd-Jones
Top notch treatment & therapist Pavlina is an excellent & professional therapist who was extremely knowledgeable about deep tissue injury which meant that my treatment was taylor made to me. Two days later & I am still pain free. Attention to detail was excellent & nothing was too much trouble . The facilities were warm & inviting. Will be back again as soon as possible & would highly recommend .
Very Relaxing I am a regular client and I have been enjoying monthly no hands massages. I always leave feeling very relaxed and like im floating on a cloud. I would recommend Louise's massages to anyone.
Lyndsay P
Wonderful I've had a few treatments with Louisa and she always holds the space beautifully! I walk away experience extreme clarity on my life a and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The space is welcoming and incredibly relaxing, Louisa really knows her stuff and the level of skill behind all the treatments is incredibly high. Overall a very high quality experience. I I would recommend it to anyone.
Sarah B
Lovely Lady and Lovely Treatment I attended for a pregnancy massage due to severe stress and anxiety, the treatment itself was lovely but Louise also took the time to listen to what was going on with me and offered her opinion and advice as to how to make things better. Much enjoyed and appreciated 😊
Mike H
First appointment went well Yesterday I went for a consultation and massage regarding back issues I have experianced for some time. Pavlina was very knowledgeable and explained how and why I could be experiencing these problems. It was nice to speak with Pavlina throughout and I look forward to returning soon.
Heather P
My favourite healer I am suffering from high stress levels which is causing problems with my autoimmune system the outcome of that being a skin condition. Spending time with Lou and receiving no hands massage and reiki treatment is having a positive effect on my wellbeing. It's the best hour of my week that I so look forward to and would happily recommend Lou to anyone
reflexology Very relaxing - highly recommended!
Deborah m
Thank you Pav Thank you to Pav today for working on my arm and shoulder. It's feeling more comfortable after the deep tissue massage
Vicky J
Reiki 🙏🏼 After starting a path to discovery! In my mid 40s..let's say it lead me to wanting to try Reiki ...I spend quit a while looking for the righplace and person to go too, which I think is very important. I had seen Louisa on Facebook and had watched her short interesting video updates.... and liked the fact she was very confident about what she talks about and does. My session was amazing...It's a very personal thing but what I will say is I went there consitrating on one thing and found out it was something else...Louisa was brilliant at what she does. Looking forward to my next session! Am defiantly feeling a lot brighter and lighter if that makes sense. Friendly relaxed place 🙏🏼
I couldn't be without my No Hands massage! I absolutely swear by the no hands massage. It's not only an amazing massage that helps your muscles feel relaxed but the therapy overall has helped me with anxiety issues. My confidence improves with every visit and I take away skills that transfer into everyday life. I love who I'm becoming, and I'll love that I can say that! Thank You Louisa Brown Holistic Therapies ❤️️
Alison Q
Holistic Approach I first visited Louisa to address some aches and pains. I have regular no hands massages but it is not just a massage. It's the chat at the beginning understanding what I want to get out of the session and also after a couple of hiccups in life it has supported my whole well being. Highly recommend to anyone
Charlotte G
10/10!! Staff are friendly and give wonderful services!! I would 100% reccomend!
Andrew M
Amazing Never had a massage like it! Fully qualified staff which makes a big difference! Well worth the money! Feel great and carnt wait for my next session!
Debbie C
Body Massage Best Massage I have had and I have had a few looking forward to more
Michelle L
friendly, professional service Louisa provides an excellent service in a calm, clean and relaxing environment. Louisa is warm and friendly but also professional so that you feel your custom is valued and that it is important to her that you get what you wanted out of the therapy. The onsite parking is a plus as well.
Deborah m
Great Been having deep tissue massages with Pav and it's been great. Pav has been gradually working on improving the comfort and mobility in my back, neck and shoulders. My range of movement has increased and stiffness reduced after just 2 sessions. I felt a lot looser after the first session. Pav will ask you at each session what you would like to work on and then build on that with specialist advice on how she can also do other things to help that problem. Pav also works on problems she may find during the session that you didn't realise you had. Thank you Pav. I'd strongly recommend
Reflexology A blissful hour of relaxation which seems to have helped relieve headaches and sinus pressure - I will definitely be going back for further treatments. Thank you!
Sue L
Heaven is a little place in ormskirk I have been a client of Louise for 2 years. As soon as you enter the room, a calmness descends and the outside world is distant. From facial reflexology to no hands massage, and everything else on offer, Louise is professional, reassuring and extremely skilled. My visits to Louise are an essential part of my health and wellbeing and I cannot recommend her enough. My chronic back pain has settled and my aches and pains are much improved but above all, my soul is nurtured and restored. Thank you Louise xx
Rose O
Never disappointed Always walk out feeling loads better. Very professional xx
Charlene M
Regular Customer thanks to Louise! I love my monthly massage with Louise. It's not a treat, it's a necessity! I leave feeling like a new woman, both in body and mind!
Emma H
Special treat Had an aromatherapy massage with Louisa which was so relaxing. Although just a one off treatment for me, I still thought the whole service offered convenience and value for money. Louisa is super professional, her table is way more comfortable than most I've tried and the room is spacious. I was seriously relaxed after my special treat and look forward to going back. Thanks Louisa! 😁
Julie D
Thank you! This is my 3rd treatment with Pav. This time I had a deep shoulder massage and some stretches. It was more like a physio session than what you might typically think you set from a massage but it was just what I needed. Pav is very good at these kind of massages and has a very good knowledge of the body and how to alleviate muscle problems. Highly recommend this massage for anyone with ongoing neck back or shoulder pain
Anya t
very goid great sevuce
Lynn C
No Hands Massage Had a fabulous 'No hands massage' off Louise yesterday 15/7 asked Louise to do a depth of 3 as I wanted it to be really relaxing! Well i nearly fell asleep & came out feeling fully relaxed & chillled out. Roll on next month x
Julie D
Revitalising Relaxing Rejuvenating! This is my 2nd deep tissue massage with Pav. I have a chronic illness causing muscle pain and tightness. Sometimes unbearable to be touched but Pav seems to have an intuitive touch. She found bits that needed working on and worked her magic. She was professional but friendly. She spoke when required but apart from that she leaves you to relax in peace which is what I needed! In the afternoon following my massage I felt amazing. Not just my muscles but I had a clearer mind somehow too. Already booked in for my next treatment - can't wait! Would highly recommend.
Massage Top marks for Pavlina who gave me a wonderful massage which left me feeling relaxed and wonderful - Thanyou!
Zoe E
Fantastic! Great personalised massages, everyone is so nice. Always come out feeling refreshed, revitalised and fantastic!
Lynn C
No Hands Massage Had a lovely relaxing 'No Hands Massage' on Friday with Louise felt really chilled out for the weekend.
Samantha Durnion
Reflexology Blissful treatment from the lovely & very knowledgeable Louise. Looking forward to the next one!
Reflexology and facial massage Very professional service, good scheduling system and very relaxing treatments. Louise is caring and makes the treatments a restorative process.
Traci J
Reiki Had a Reike treatment with Louisa which was really relaxing. Very friendly and professional. Calm and relaxing ambience.
Grainne S
Amazing Pav just gave me a (restricted cos of pregnancy) consultation and massage-v friendly-magic touch-I will be booking again,fantastic service-thanks so much-highly recommended
Deep massage Review of Pavlina Pavlina is fantastic I have been looking for someone to help with my back pain for ages, I have booked a course and would definitely recommend to anyone who has been suffering with any kind of pain in back/neck/shoulders etc, can't wait till my next session
Matthew B
Anxiety massage therapy The visit to the centre felt very calming and professional. As someone whose had some anxiety problems recently it was a very therapeutic experience. A very relieving massage by Pavlina who was very friendly and professional. Well recommended care. Thankyou
Sue L
Amazing I have been going to Louise for 18 months and it has become an essential part of my wellbeing and health. Louise keeps my back pain under control and with a range of treatments that I vary, I can honestly say I have never felt better. Louise is a holistic therapist of the highest standards and I would not hesitate to recommend her xx
Louise S
No Hands Massage I had a No Hands Massage with Louisa. I desperately needed to find some calm, serenity and peace in my busy life with a 7 month old baby. Louisa helped me achieve this by tailoring the massage to my individual needs. Louisa has a talent for helping you focus on those aims through No Hands Massage. She listens to you, the client. The massage gave me that feeling of when you have had an afternoon siesta on a glorious vacation. Rested and at ease. Excellent for the soul. I would (and have) recommended LB to many people. I am looking forward to returning to her again.
Fascial Massage Louise is fantastic. Makes you feel very relaxed. Lovely welcoming atmosphere.
Relaxing and calm Totally professional throughout massage and totally makes a person feel grounded and chilled after a louisa experience.would certainly recommend as plenty of choice from hot stone therapy to no hands to reflexology to facials.just the 'magic'touch.
Lynda W
Impressed Was a little sceptical when it was suggested to me to start and have a regular massage but it definitely has made a lot of differance to my health and well being.
Audrey Hodgson
Simply the BEST Amazing! I suffered from continuous back pain for a few years, i tried painkillers and physio but this didn't work - after regular massages for a year now, my backpain has nearly vanished! Very relaxing and pampering also - shes amazing!
Lynda W
Very happy I always feel better after my massage, it lifts my spirits and helps me cope.
Alison Q
No Hands Massage Wow. A no hands massage was first recommended by a friend for my aches and pains. But it is not just a massage. At the beginning you are asked what you want to get out of the session and what style of massage you want. The holistic experience benefits my somewhat crazy and busy lifestyle. I walk out of each session feeling relaxed, positive and motivated. Each session is a benefit to me and I look forward to the next one increasing my energy.